A Happier kind of Gluten Free

Before the birth of our Happy Atelier, French/Brazilan founder Léonor Alves found herself as an expat in Sweden with very little to no options for freshly baked gluten free breads and baked goods.

With the help of her culinary teaching background and fine taste for artisanal baking techniques, Léonor then turned the ovens on and tenaciously started crafting original recipes. These refined recipes now parallel some of the best non-gluten free bakeries in town. Along with close friend and French colleague Stephanie, and a growing team of bakers from around the world, our Happy Atelier's mission is to exceed the limits, nuances and expectations of gluten free baking through inovation.

We believe in the value of artisanal, handcrafted quality baked goods, no matter what dietary guideline you follow. At the dinner table, a special occasion or a quick coffee break from your day to day work, we knows how important it is to feel happy and included in those moments. We strive to provide our customers, especially those with the Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity the joy of joining in the festivities those special times and all year round!

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