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Muffin STOR

Muffin STOR

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A perfect treat with our Muffin STOR. These delicious large muffins are made with a special blend of ingredients including rice and almond flour, lactose-free butter, and fresh fruit or rich chocolate. Satisfy your cravings guilt-free with every bite.

Ingredients: Rice flour, almond flour, corn starch, lactose-free butter, caster sugar, eggs, baking powder, strawberries, blueberries or chocolate 70%

Size: 6 cm

Allergen Statment

Made in a facility that processes common food allergens, including eggs and tree nuts (no peanuts or gluten)

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  • Ready in 48 Hours

    Order now for pick-up in 48 hours—experience the fresh and perfect goodness! Get your hands on freshly baked treats every time!

  • Gluten Free

    Indulge worry-free with our 100% gluten-free bakery delights. Perfect for celiac and gluten-sensitive folks seeking delicious treats!

  • Lactose Free

    Enjoy our lactose-free baked goods! Crafted for those with dairy sensitivities, our treats ensure everyone gets a taste of sweetness without discomfort.

  • Baked Fresh Daily

    Freshness at its best! Our bakery offers treats baked daily using only the freshest ingredients. Experience the difference in every bite!